Month: May 2018

Fun Facts About Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are great to add that spark to your dull conjugal life. The only thing that you must know before trying them is the fact that everyone needs time to adjust to new things in the bedroom. If your partner is uncomfortable with the idea of using butt plugs because she is scared that they might hurt, get a high-quality lubricant and use on it generously. It will not only feel great but she might as well want it every time from then on.

Now that we know how butt plugs work, here are 3 fun facts about these sex toys that seem to be the rage now.

  1. Tighten up your vagina

If you thought that vaginal surgeries were the only way to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day, you will be amazed to see what butt plugs could do! When you slide a butt plug inside the anus, it creates tightness around your cervix that in turn leads to the feeling of fullness during intercourse. Both you and your mate will love it.

  1. Play kinkier

Kinky is old school. It is time to be kinkier with a butt plug inside you while you are on a date. Butt plugs are known to cause your pelvic muscles to pulsate and make your cheeks flush from time to time. If you want that hint of rosy cheeks without looking made-up, try sliding in a butt plug before you leave.

  1. Better posture

Studies show that wearing a butt plug helps keep your spine stiff and allows for a straight posture while you are working from home. We often slide into chairs or put up a leg for comfort but butt plugs will ensure that you maintain the right posture all through.

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